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At KEYCO®, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality key machine parts. Our cutters are made in Switzerland. Most machine parts are OEM

One of our main product offerings is our Titanium Nitride coated key cutter blades.

Titanium Coating Offers Numerous Benefits to the User

  • Reduced Surface Friction

    With a titanium coating, the surface of the blade becomes smoother. This allows the blade to glide effortlessly through the material being cut, reducing the amount of friction.

  • Enhanced Thermal Resistance

    The Titanium Nitride coating helps to increase the blade's resistance to heat, making it less likely to warp or become damaged during use.

  • Better Chip Removal

    The slick surface of a titanium-coated blade helps the chips slide off easily, preventing them from interfering with the cutting process.

  • Extended Blade Life

    Titanium Nitride coating enhances the durability of the blade, ensuring it stays sharp longer and extending its lifespan significantly.

Choosing KEYCO® ensures you're investing in high-quality, long-lasting, and effective key machine parts. We take pride in our Swiss-Made Cutters, and we're confident they'll exceed your expectations.

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